A message from beyond time

I have carried you into battle and died with you upon my back fighting your wars.
I have tilled your fields and died within the traces of your ploughs.
I have loved you like a member of my herd for all my life.
I have been a steadfast companion and source of life since the mists of time.
Sometimes my flesh has saved you from starvation, my leap has carried you to triumph and salvation.
You have my heart, my trust and my life in your hands.

I have honoured the contract I made with human kind,
have you honoured the contract you made with mine?

Author: Dr Rosemary Hood
Whether you and your horse are into high level sports requiring good athletic ability, natural horsemanship or just going for the odd amble through the countryside, it is important to maintain your horse’s mental and physical health.
At Stride into Wellness, your horse will get a one on one consultation aimed at identifying the cause of the issue and taking steps to resolve it.

Some of the common issues that I get called out to assess are:
It is hard not to be moved after reading this. It is a constant reminder to us all, why we should honour the services and unconditional love and support that our horses give to us daily.
It serves as a reminder as to why we should repay this devotion with the best care possible.
Schuessler Tissue Salts have become the catalyst in speeding up the healing process of a majority of the treatments I perform on horses. Over 130 years ago, Dr Schuessler discovered that there are 12 Essential mineral combinations in the body and when these are out of balance, illness, injury, disease and mental impairment may occur. So by working together and analysing your horses mineral deficiencies and replacing "only" the deficient minerals, reviewing dietary intake and identifying stressors, we can come up with a plan to restore your horse to peak condition.

The various types of therapies that I use are: Bowen therapy for muscle pain and lymphatic stimulation, Reiki for calming, healing emotional trauma and distance healing, Flower Essences for healing mental trauma at a cellular level and Schuessler Tissue Salts as used by Veterinary Surgeons in the EU (European Union) to rebuild the body from a cellular level which will enhance mental fitness, stamina and ultimately provide peak performance.
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