Breeds such as Border collies and Kelpies are commonly used on farms today for jobs such as sheep and cattle herding and more recently sheepdog trials. These dogs require a healthy balanced diet so they can maintain efficient brain function and good muscle tone for athletic ability and stamina. Some of the common injuries that I come across with working dogs are general muscle tightness or injury to the knee or hock ligaments from miscalculating a jump over a fence or jumping off the back of the Ute. I find the best way to assist healing these injuries is to use a combination of Bowen Therapy and Schuessler Tissue Salts because this way you are working from
a cellular level to repair damage.
Some of the common issues that I get called out to assess are:
Wellness for Dogs and Cats
Showing your dog or doing agility training can be fantastic fun and fitness for both of you. If you want to get the best results, then it requires a good training program, lots of practice, a healthy balanced diet and regular body work to keep your dogs muscles supple. Agility requires your dog to be athletic to leap over hurdles and also to be flexible enough to go through obstacles such as weave poles. It requires a high level of focus and skill of your dog and accurate commands from you.
Stride into Wellness therapies can be beneficial to help your Show or Agility dog with:
Wellness for Native Animals and Birds
Wellness for Farm Animals
Cows, sheep, goats, alpacas, chickens and ducks are common animals found on Farms today. They can cause injury to themselves just like our domestic pets do and can benefit from the therapies provided at Stride into Wellness.

Below are some of the reasons why I have been called on to treat various farm animals
Most of the Native animals that I assist in healing have been rescued because they have been injured by another animal or have been hit by cars on the road and are being rehabilitated. Some of them require ongoing therapy to help speed up their recovery. I have worked closely with many kangaroos and it is very rewarding to see the results when they are back up and hopping again!

I volunteer my time to treat native animals so please feel free to call me if I can help in any way.
Domestic birds can suffer from issues just like our furry friends such as depression, fear and separation anxiety. Ultimately you would want to seek the cause and remove it if possible. For example, plucking feathers out is a tell tale sign of anxiety or could also be mites. Your feathered friend will be assessed to attempt to find the cause of the issue and then a treatment plan will be put in place consisting of either Bowen therapy, Schuessler Minerals, Flower essences or Reiki.
A healthy diet appropriate to the species can also assist in good mental and physical health.
I have rescued many Native birds and helped them recover. Most recently was a Magpie that we named “Screech”. She had been abandoned by her pod for some reason and flew onto our back porch and demanded feeding. We fed her up to 8 times daily for about a month with a mix of specialised bird food and supplemented it with the Schuessler Tissue salts Calcium phosphate and Silica to help her grow as she was not getting the same nutrition as her Mum would have given her. She has grown into a beautiful bird and has now been accepted back in with her pod. She still comes to visit from time to time.
Wellness for Dogs and Cats
Wellness for Farm Animals
Wellness for Native Animals and Birds
Stride into Wellness
The story of Screech the Magpie
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The story of Screech the Magpie
Working Dogs
Show Dogs and Agility
Halcyon in full flight Trained by Alison Dunn
Whether it is your dog that greets you with that wonderful warm welcome each time you walk in the door or your cat that snuggles in to keep you cosy in bed, you can guarantee they will give you their unconditional love for life.
Your pets can suffer from the same ailments, injuries and emotional stresses that you do. I often see pets displaying the same physical and emotional signs as their owners and often find that treating you and your pet at the same time will speed up the healing for both of you.
In addition to helping your pet cat or dog, I also treat working, show and agility dogs
Do you get that warm fuzzy feeling when you think of your pet...I do
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Bowen Therapy, Schuessler Mineral Therapy, Reiki, or Flower essences
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